What is an intrapreneur and why do we care about them?

April LaRita GreenBoth April and I are huge advocates of employees feeling like they have ownership and a vested stake in the success of the organization they work for.  While money is certainly a driver in job satisfaction, it really isn’t everything.  I have friends who are paid twice as much as me who are miserable cogs in a machine who don’t have a voice or opinion in the direction of the company. Other friends make less but feel like they’re part owners – they feel a vested interest in seeing the company succeed, in being a part of the “family.”

 An Intrapreneur is just that: “A person within a large corporation who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk-taking and innovation”. (thanks American Heritage Dictionary).

Kristen SkinnerThe end goal of our blog, and the reason we started it, is just that – to promote the idea of responsibility and ownership of your work within a larger corporation.  Making employees happy doesn’t just mean paying them well, it means making them a true part of your business. I’ve spent time in various companies, both as an employee and as an outsider and one thing I’ve learned is that the employees who are the most productive and provide the best work ethic are those who are empowered and appreciated.  They’re those who feel like they’re allowed to take risks and see their ideas through to the end.

 We have always considered ourselves intrapreneurs (whether our bosses agreed or not) and approaching our work from that perspective has always served us well. So we want to share our knowledge and experiences with others to encourage them to be fellow intrapreneurs and to help them empower others in their organization, whether they be bosses or employees, to do the same.

 So we hope you’ll come along with us on this journey and, with any luck, learn a little something along the way.




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